Moving Particle Analysis Out of the Laboratory

Engineers' reliance on external laboratory services for accurate solid particle contamination analysis of liquids can now be eliminated with the introduction of two new products from Parker Hannifin, the world's largest manufacturer of motion and control technology.

The Icount BS conveniently performs tests on liquids held in industry standard bottles, while the Icount PD online analyzer offers simple integration with existing plant systems via M16 test points.


Similar Goals
The new instruments offer a simple method of prolonging the life of lubricants and similar fluids through cleanliness monitoring. While being competitively priced, they also ensure quality standards are maintained in the process liquid.

Both the Icount BS and Icount PD use innovative laser particle detection technology to produce fast, accurate, repeatable and reproducible results. This occurs while the instrument calibrates by utilizing online methods supported by international standards organization procedures, such as ISO 11171/11943, ISO4402, NAS1638 and AS4059. The units also feature robust, compact construction, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial environments.

Individual Elements
Parker's Icount BS bottle sampler offers eight variable channel size analyses, covering particle sizes from four to 70 microns. Results are displayed on a color touch-screen used to control the instrument. In addition, the results can be printed using the built-in thermal printer and stored to a USB memory stick, simplifying the ability to transfer information to a PC or other external device.

The Icount BS features a pressurized bottle chamber to prevent the ingress of contaminants from the surrounding air, and contains a novel sample tube cleaning sleeve to minimize the risk of cross contamination between bottles. Test time options begin at 15 seconds, and

with its compact construction and rechargeable battery pack, the Icount BS is conveniently portable.

By using environmentally friendly glass-filled nylon materials and carrying an IP66 ingress protection rating, the Icount PD online particle detector provides a wide range of output options, making it easy to interface with plant automation and process control systems. These options include LAN, RS232 and CANBUS connectivity, 4-20mA and 0-5V analog outputs, and relay contacts which can switch 5A at up to 24V DC.

The instrument includes LED indicators to illustrate ISO/NAS thresholds, and can be fitted with an additional LED for moisture detection. The Icount PD has a minimum sample time of three seconds, can be used at flow rates from 10 to 160 ml/min and at line pressures from two to 420 bar.

Parker Hannifin (UK) Ltd. - Racor Filter Division Europe
Parker Hannifin's Racor Filter Division Europe manufactures a comprehensive range of filtration and monitoring equipment in both civilian and military aviation industries. The range includes Parker condition monitoring, and Racor hydrocarbon products.

Racor Hydrocarbon is one of the few companies in the world that is able to meet the exact requirements provided by the API/IP to supply filtration equipment inside the airport fence.

Racor hydrocarbon products can be found in the following markets:

  • Fuel storage facilities

  • Fuel storage equipment manufacturers

  • Aviation fuel test equipment suppliers

  • Aircraft de-fueling equipment suppliers

  • Aircraft services (manufacture/supplies)

  • Fuel system design/manufacture

  • Fuel distributors

  • Petroleum equipment/product manufacturers

  • Bulk liquid equipment/service providers

This ability, coupled with state-of-the-art technical solutions to customers' filtration needs, opens a world of opportunities.

Customer service is the key to expanding Racor Hydrocarbon business in Europe and around the world. End users are not prepared to wait for elements to arrive. If an airport cannot refuel an aircraft because it is waiting on a delivery, the customers will take their business elsewhere.

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