Accurate Monitoring of Grease Lubrication Points

Industry utilizes many different bearing configurations. Some of these bearings are sealed and initially lubricated while others require regular maintenance lubrication. The consequences of a bearing failure vary between application; for instance, in some applications a failure can result in costly repairs and lengthy downtime of production. In the worst-case scenario, a bearing failure can release large mass forces resulting in devastating damages and even loss of lives.


Grease Lubrication
Assalub has created an independent system for monitoring grease lubrication points, the LubeMon. It is capable of monitoring both automatic and manually greased points. It can be used to monitor individual vital points or an entire lubrication system.

LubeMon is based on a special grease meter that is installed directly on the grease point, which measures the exact amount of grease being fed into the point. The grease meter is connected to a control unit for continuous monitoring. Large systems are connected over a data bus to a PC that offers advanced statistics of the rate at which points are greased.

The Measuring Device
This device is an accurate displacement measuring unit. It is available in two versions, aluminum and acid-proof steel. The unit is able to measure flows from 0 to 2,500 cm3/min at a maximum pressure of 700 bar with an accuracy of ± three percent. Other features of the LubeMon include:

  • Measures vibrations up to 20 G (10 to 20,000 Hz)

  • Capable of a lifetime of 10 pulses (655 m) at 1<10 mA

  • Operates in temperatures from -20°C to 70°C

  • An aluminum weight of 186 kg and an acid-proof steel weight of 485 kg

  • Contains a female, nickel-plated brass/polyurethane elbow connector with a five-meter cable, and is available with or without an integrated LED.

Monitoring Alternatives
LubeMon offers two different monitoring options: one unit is designed for a maximum of 10 lube points (the CCMon 10), and the other unit is a PC-based data bus system for a countless number of points. Minimum and maximum values are set individually for each point in the CCMon 10. The set volume will be fed into the greasing point during a specific time frame. The system contains a machine lock function that discontinues the monitoring system when the machine is not in operation. The CCMon 10 is dust-proof and is protected from splashes and low-pressure jets.

About the Company
Assalub develops, manufactures and markets equipment for the handling of lubricants as well as centralized lubrication systems and the components for these systems. Assalub strives to represent high-quality standards in the market. In fact, it has been a supplier of the Swedish defense industry for many years. Assalub is a private company with approximately 40 employees. The company is exclusively devoted to lubrication automation. Its headquarters, production, development and warehouse are located in Åtvidaberg, Sweden.

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