Lubricant Storage Container Advice

Example of Poor Oil Top-up Container

Sometimes the most creative ideas are the wrong ideas. Open top-up containers like this are magnets for contaminants and can wreak havoc when used on small sumps.

This is an oil top-up container made from an old coffee can, hose clamps and copper tubing. Creative, but probably disastrous to lubricated machinery.

Consider using a convenient “one-shot” or top-up container. Some oil suppliers can deliver labeled containers filled with prefiltered oil that meets a specified cleanliness level. These disposable containers are convenient, reduce contamination, minimize product mixing and increase the likelihood of proper application (correct oil in the machine).

One-Shot Oil Top-up Container Sealable Refillable Top-up Container

A Better Alternative Oil Container

An alternative storage solution is to buy clean plastic jugs to fill and label yourself. Some containers have a built-in spigot and don’t require a funnel for use. Funnels, like open top-up containers, are magnets for contaminants.

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