At Last ... A Lubrication Magazine for Maintenance Professionals

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

We at Noria are thrilled to introduce the inaugural issue of Machinery Lubrication magazine, the first trade publication dedicated to the machinery lubrication professional striving to achieve reliability in plant and fleet equipment. Machinery Lubrication magazine is the product of more than two years of planning and preparation, and at last, the time has come.

Positioned at the center of our many goals for this new publication is the simple ambition to provide lubricant users a clear pathway to excellence and best practice, to teach the essence of what defines “world class”. After all, much has changed in the lubrication field over the past two decades, yet too often, the activities of lubrication have remained unchanged from more than half a century ago. As today’s industries face harsh competition and razor-thin operating margins, there is real need to challenge conventional wisdom regarding how machines are lubricated.

The magazine staff is anxious to face this new challenge, and therefore has established the following editorial objectives for Machinery Lubrication: to (1) further the advancement of the field of machinery lubrication, (2) provide a forum for information exchange among users and (3) provide a vehicle for knowledge dissemination by industry experts. Machinery Lubrication magazine will be published bimonthly in printed and electronic form. The electronic version can be accessed at the Web site

Each issue of Machinery Lubrication magazine will have regular features and sections on several important topical areas. These will include:

Lubricant Selection. Provides practical advice and solutions to users concerning the selection of lubricants and hydraulic fluids for various machinery applications and operating environments.

Contamination Control and Filtration. Products and strategies for restricting the ingression of contaminants and removing contaminants from lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Includes the use of breathers, filters, portable filters, centrifuges, dehydrators, settling tanks and related products.

Industry Applications. Industry-specific case studies, troubleshooting ideas, problem-solving ideas and strategies based on new best practices or technologies that have been successfully applied. Example industries include power generation, primary metals, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive and transportation.

Greases. Practical application methods and best practices for successful grease lubrication, plus troubleshooting of common problems and tips for lube technicians, etc.

Lubricant Applications. Various methods for the management and successful use of lubricants in machinery types, including turbines, gearboxes, engines, compressors, hydraulics, etc. Emphasizes new technologies, tips, best practices and strategies.

Lubrication 101. Teaches the fundamentals of lubrication and machinery tribology. Articles are directed at lubrication technicians and those new to the lubrication field. Emphasizes basic concepts and defines the terminology and practices in common use.

Quick Tips. Tricks and tips that you can put to use in your facility.

Editorial Columns. The “voice of experience” perspectives from a staff of technical and senior editors.

Machinery Lubrication is a magazine for lubrication practitioners. Its feature sections and articles will target technicians, specialists, engineers, maintenance managers, planners and supervisors. We welcome your contributions to the magazine as well as ideas and suggestions of how to improve it. We’d like to hear from you about case studies or new products in the field of lubrication, especially methods and/or products that have been successful.

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