Food and Medical K1 Lube Units Conform to FDA Standards

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

NSK's patented Food and Medical K1 Lubrication Units act as a maintenance-free lubricant and are FDA approved for use in food processing equipment and medical devices, where cleanliness and safety are paramount. The units, which allow long-term, maintenance-free operation when used with an NSK ball screw or linear guide, now feature refined materials that conform to strict standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Food and Medical K1 Lubrication Units incorporate porous synthetic resins that retain a large quantity of lubricating oil to ensure steady application as the unit moves along the rail or shaft surface. The unit's molded design prevents oil from being dispersed into surrounding areas making it especially effective under hygienic conditions.

Food and Medical K1 Lubrication Units have been tested to provide lubrication for ball screws and linear guides for 5 years or 10,000 km, and can also help reduce machine downtime and lower costs for parts and materials.

Food and Medical K1 Lubrication Units are available only on NSK linear motion components, including linear guides, ball screws, linear actuators and Cartesian robots.

A subsidiary of NSK Americas, NSK Precision America produces world-class precision ball screws, linear guides and linear actuators. By manufacturing domestically in Franklin, Ind., the company achieves unparalleled flexibility in meeting the design, delivery and engineering needs of the U.S. industry.

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