New Product for Oil Sample Tracking and Analysis

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

24/7 Systems announces Oilography Web Service. Oilography is a tool designed to streamline oil sample analysis as part of plant condition based maintenance programs. The software offers a systematic electronic oil condition management program. Sample analysis results are transferred from the lab to the analyst for review. This reduces communication errors, saves time for industrial plants and oil analysis labs. The Oilography sample analysis review process keeps problem samples highly visible until a corrective work order is issued.


Oil samples are scheduled, collected and marked with bar coded labels at the plant. Information necessary for the lab to identify each sample is created onsite, eliminating confusion at oil laboratories. Plant personnel may verify sample received by the lab and check testing status through their Internet Web browser. Both lab and plant personnel set customized alarms for sample results and view analysis parameter trends. Samples which need data interpretation and problem reporting can be highlighted for further review. Data interpretation comments may be entered in an ongoing thread, which facilitates cooperative analysis by plant and lab technicians.


Oilography provides a complete history of sample results which may be accessed for viewing and trending from any location with internet access. Problems reported and identified through Oilography are easily integrated with problems found by other condition monitoring technologies such as vibration analysis or IR thermography. A complete web-based dashboard view for all known condition issues is readily available including a display of all current samples, critical samples and high severity samples.


Oilography is the latest release from 24/7 Systems, Inc. and joins the family of Tango Reliability Management solutions. 24/7 Systems provides software and services focused on managing lifecyle history and condition information for industrial equipment. Information gathered through Tango and Oilography is used to report and measure performance throughout the plant. Tango is used in more than 250 industrial plants worldwide.

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