World-Class is What Next Year's Conference is About - What It Is ... and How To Get It

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

When it comes to oil analysis and lubrication, organizations have a compelling desire to make the transformation to world-class. The pathway can be long and challenging indeed, with obstacles along the way. Yet there is a building passion and resolve among these organizations to get there . . . and to do it soon.

Those who have been down this road know it’s not simply a matter of “connecting the dots.” There’s no recipe that works for everyone. The most distressing challenges usually lie within - they are cultural and organizational, not simply programmatic.

With this as the backdrop, Noria’s staff seized the challenge of retooling Practicing Oil Analysis 2002 - now just a few months away. Our goal was simple - to create an intense and rich learning experience along critical program lines. We brainstormed, pondered and fine-tuned each step, consulting our years of experiencing in observing and educating people about oil analysis and machinery lubrication. We then set out to assemble these success elements into the conference program.

You will see evidence of this in the new conference tracks, workshops, paper topics, invited speakers, ICML certification and town hall meeting. The most important change to the conference program is the addition of the Learning the Basics track. This track was engineered for individuals who are new to the field or need a “booster shot” in the basics. It presents vital meat-and-potatoes elements of successful oil analysis - no commercial fluff or techno-babble here. These sessions cover two days and are packed full of choice information presented by trusted experts on oil analysis, lubrication and maintenance optimization.

We know when you go to any conference you want value. And when you arrive, you want to go right to work at getting the knowledge and information you came for. It is for this reason that Practicing Oil Analysis 2002 provides learning and resources on several fronts, including access to vendors, experts, users, labs, oil companies and educators.

So what’s all of this worth to users who attend? While it’s often hard to assign hard value to the motivational and educational experience that a conference like this can provide, we thought it would be worth a try. Below is a listing of the benefits, in dollars and cents, in attending the Practicing Oil Analysis 2002 Conference and Exhibition.

Jim Fitch

Dollars You Save by Attending Practicing Oil Analysis 2002
FREE Noria Training Voucher
Talk to Oil Analysis Experts - Equivalent cost of three hours of advice from a consultant
Find the right lab for the right price - more than 15 commercial oil analysis labs are exhibiting at the conference. Survey the labs for the best services and pricing. Annual savings
FREE Oil Analysis from Labs (16 samples) - for attendees only
Basic Oil Analysis Education - Equivalent cost of a 3-day seminar
Time saved in finding the right on-site oil analysis instruments
FREE PowerPoint™ Training Module for Sampling and Contamination Control - Train your maintenance staff
FREE Gear Failure Wall Chart - with attendance
Approximate Total Savings and Benefits per Attendee
Passion gained from participating in a motivating international event celebrating the benefits of world-class oil analysis

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