BASF Expands Line with Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

BASF Corporation is expanding its portfolio of low toxicity and biodegradable hydraulic fluids with the introduction of Plurasafe H2O-K hydraulic fluid, a new product designed for equipment used in marine and water-sensitive applications.

"High heat and pressure can cause many types of equipment to leak hydraulic fluids into the environment," said Rebecca Hollis, business manager of performance chemicals for BASF in North America. "This is especially true in marine applications, including boats and dock operations, where hydraulic leaks can affect oceans, lakes, rivers and streams."

Plurasafe H2O-K fluid is a proprietary product that is designed to protect the entire hydraulic system against wear and corrosion damage. This unique formulation has low aquatic toxicity and is readily biodegradable.

Applications for Plurasafe H2O-K hydraulic fluid can include recreational and commercial boat hydraulic systems, marine and commercial dock operations, industrial and commercial truck hydraulic systems, carwash systems, environmentally sensitive hydraulic systems, and industrial machinery.

For more information about Plurasafe H2O-K, visit, or contact BASF at 800-794-1019.

BASF offers a broad portfolio of synthetic lubricants that includes hydraulic fluids, fire resistant fluids and other specialized fluids.

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