A Full Lubrication System for Improved Reliability of Wind Turbines

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

To simplify maintenance and reduce environmental impact, SKF WindLub centralized lubrication system delivers the exact quantity of the appropriate lubricant at the right positions at the right time of all rotating equipment. SKF WindLub helps to increase turbine reliability and availability. The system also helps to extend the turbine's service life and reduce operational and lubricants costs. Additionally, SKF WindLub minimizes environmental impact by avoiding over-greasing.

SKF WindLub easily integrates with SKF WindCon to further simplify maintenance and enhance reliability. The combination provides operators with a complete overview of the lubrication system.


  • Increase turbine availability and operational safety by avoiding manual lubrication
  • Extend turbine service life
  • Extend maintenance intervals
  • Cut operating costs and lubricant costs
  • Reduce the risk of lubrication-related breakdowns
  • Quickly detect broken/torn feed lines or short circuits
  • Reduce environmental impact by avoiding over-greasing
  • Monitor lubrication conditions via the Web

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