Technical Relationship with Pennzoil Helps Race Team Develop Motor Oil Formulations

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In 2010, Richard Childress Racing will run with Pennzoil's cutting-edge Hyper Cleansing Technology. When Pennzoil and Shell Oil Company began a multi-year agreement in 2007 with Richard Childress Racing as the primary sponsor of the No. 29 Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick, an important technical support program between Pennzoil and RCR began as well. Pennzoil scientists worked directly with the race team to engineer their most technologically advanced motor oil available on the market, Pennzoil Ultra.

Building new engines and keeping them clean and protected week in and week out is essential for race teams. Pennzoil and RCR work together throughout each race season to test motor oils in the harshest racing environments in an effort to gain insight and develop technology that can be used both on-track and in consumer vehicles on-the-road. The payoff of that relationship is evident in the new ultra-class synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil Ultra, which is an advanced proprietary synthetic formula that far exceeds the most stringent car manufacturer standards and already exceeds the 2010 GF-5 specification's requirements for cleanliness and protection. Nothing keeps an engine closer to factory clean.

"Our engines are built to be extremely efficient. With engine heat rising up in some cases to over 280 degrees Fahrenheit in tolerances that we measure to a thousandth of an inch, it is essential that our engines are maintained in clean, pristine condition and we look to our team at Pennzoil to provide that," said Danny Lawrence, engine builder and trackside manager for Earnhardt-Childress Racing Engines, the high-performance engine production and research and development company established in 2007. "In racing, even the smallest deposits can rob performance and lead to catastrophic engine failure and Pennzoil technology helps provide exactly what we need to keep our engines running clean."

Kevin Harvick remained atop the leader board after a second-place finish at the Shelby American at Las Vegas Motor Speedway presented by Pennzoil Ultra on Sunday, February 28. On February 6, in an invigorating start to the 2010 NASCAR season, Kevin Harvick became the fourth driver to win back-to-back Budweiser Shootout titles. The achievement marked the seventh win in the exhibition race for the RCR team, more than any other organization.

"We ran Pennzoil racing motor oil with Hyper Cleansing Technology in the car during the Budweiser Shootout and the Las Vegas race," said Gil Martin, crew chief, Shell-Pennzoil No. 29 car. "Pennzoil always provides tremendous support on and off the track that allows for our cars to challenge for the head of the pack."

The new Pennzoil Ultra ultra-class synthetic motor oil is the output of a global team of scientists pursuing the goal of maintaining an engine in factory-clean condition. Pennzoil's technical support program with RCR provides the race team with the most advanced motor oil technology along with the support of a team of industry leading scientists. Through excellent collaboration, Pennzoil's team of scientists engineer motor oils that resist heat, shear and wear, while keeping the engine clean even during the most demanding race conditions.

While the level of performance in most street cars won't match that of an ECR engine, the cleansing and protection of passenger car engines is still vital. Pennzoil Ultra offers Hyper Cleansing Technology that is designed to seek out and dissolve contaminants safely into the oil before harmful deposits form that can create sludge or corrode engine parts. In fact, nothing keeps your engine closer to factory clean than Pennzoil Ultra. The oil not only prevents deposits, but it also gently lifts existing sludge deposits off engine surfaces and dissolves them safely into the oil. Pennzoil Ultra also cleans out more engine sludge than the brand's next best oil, Pennzoil Platinum.

"At Pennzoil, we leverage our global technology to develop technically advanced motor oils," said Luis Guimaraes, general manager, North American marketing, for Pennzoil. "We are very proud of our newest addition to the Pennzoil family of motor oils. Pennzoil Ultra is an advanced synthetic motor oil that keeps engines close to factory clean, and no leading synthetic motor oil provides better wear protection than Pennzoil Ultra."

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