Mobil 1™ Thermal Management Fluid Helps All-Electric Porsche GT4 e-Performance

ExxonMobil and Porsche collaboration inspires development of advanced 3-in-1 dielectric thermal management solution

Mobil 1™ Thermal Management Fluid Helps All-Electric Porsche GT4 e-Performance

ExxonMobil has introduced a new Mobil 1™ product for all-electric racing. The advanced 3-in-1 thermal management fluid was precision engineered to meet the exacting needs of the Porsche GT4 e-Performance, a concept study for a racing car with a revolutionary cooling system.

The Porsche GT4 e-Performance is an important test vehicle for the future of all-electric racing, including sprint races on a circuit, hill climbs on mountain roads and drift races in the snow. Thanks to its drivetrain, which can deliver a peak output of up to 800 kW (1,088 HP), the car is helping break new ground in electric vehicle (EV) sporting achievements.

Central to this is its advanced direct oil cooling system, which counteracts thermal derating, helping maintain constant power output in racing mode for up to half an hour. Its 900-volt technology can take the battery from 5 to 80 percent charge in 15 minutes. These innovations, and extreme racing conditions, place massive stresses on the vehicle’s thermal management system; demands that the collaboration between ExxonMobil and Porsche has been able to meet with this new Mobil 1™ 3-in-1 solution.

“Our long-term collaboration with Porsche allows us to push boundaries, both in terms of combustion engine lubrication and fluids for emerging EV designs, like the Porsche GT4 e-Performance,” says Tobias Klande, Technology Solution Professional at ExxonMobil’s European Product Technology Centre in Hamburg. “This new Mobil 1™ fluid shows how, together, we’re testing and developing new concepts under the toughest conditions to find e-mobility solutions for the commercial production of tomorrow,” he adds.

“We now have a single Mobil 1™ thermal management fluid that we can use across all three components of the cooling system, helping reduce overall system weight,” explains Rüdiger Klutinus, Porsche HV Engineer. “It helps optimize power delivery during acceleration and recuperation, extend battery life, and enable faster charging during breaks to help increase track times. It also delivers enhanced e-motor durability and power electronics efficiency, providing sustained power for longer.” 

This is the latest in a series of EV fluid innovations developed by ExxonMobil in collaboration with leading OEMs to help deliver faster, longer and safer EV performance. The majority of these efforts are concentrated in Europe, at the company’s Hamburg-based European Product Technology Center (EPTC). ExxonMobil also offers a full range of Mobil EV products, including Mobil EV Therm, Mobil EV Drive, Mobil EV Cool Drive and Mobil EV Grease — high-performance products that provide wear protection, heat dissipation, lubrication, and high efficiency for longer ranges for electric motors, batteries, transmissions, and bearings.

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