10 Tips for Maintaining Grease Guns and Fittings

Noria Corporation

Use grease gun nozzle caps to help keep contamination out.

  • Wipe fitting before use to clear debris. Use clean shop rag or lint free cloth to clear debris.

  • Inspect grease fitting. Replace defective or damaged fittings.

  • Where possible, standardize on fitting type.

  • Conspicuously mark the grease fitting with the type of grease being used. Avoid changes where possible.

  • Learn proper grease gun operation and know the delivery volume per shot. Have grease guns calibrated occasionally to insure proper volume delivery.

  • Some grease guns develop pressure up to 15,000 psi. Exercise caution to avoid over packing and/or seal damage.

  • Keep guns clean, avoiding laying them on dirty surfaces. Repack on a clean bench using a gun loader fitting.

  • Keep grease guns covered when not in use.

  • Exercise caution to ensure safety. Make changes such as piping out fitting to avoid danger.

  • When repacking grease guns from a pressure line, wipe down the fitting and the pressure line to prevent contamination. When repacking with tubes, move to an environmentally controlled area, such as a control room, to replace the tube.

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