Simrit and Kluber Lubrication to Debut Lube&Seal Sealing System

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Wind turbines, and all of the components within each machine, must be built to withstand a wide range of harsh environmental elements. Even the smallest part, if poorly manufactured, can cause big problems. That's why Simrit and Kluber Lubrication North America L.P., two specialists within the Freudenberg Group, have combined their expertise to offer the Lube&Seal package, which provides the windpower industry the optimal combination of lubricants and seals.

The Lube&Seal sealing solution combines Simrit's expertise in sealing technology and vibration control with Kluber's unparalleled knowledge in lubricants. This collaboration integrates sealing lip systems and lubricants into a more reliable tribological system for wind turbine gears.

"We are excited about our partnership with Kluber as it allows us to design, develop and manufacture a complete sealing system using the best possible materials and lubricants," said Dave Monaco, president, Simrit. "As a result, we can provide our customers with an all-in-one solution of the highest quality and durability, which is critically important in the windpower industry."

As an integrated system, the Lube&Seal helps minimize breakdowns in wind turbines due to leaks, while simultaneously preventing wear and reducing damage that can be caused by thermal instability and other environmental elements of particular concern to wind turbine manufacturers, such as the ozone, salty air and mineral oils.

"Repairs on wind turbines can be costly, difficult and dangerous," said Jesse Dilk, industry group manager – wind, Kluber Lubrication North America L.P. "Therefore, it is vital to use high-quality components at every opportunity. Bearings, seals and lubricants are essential design elements when analyzing mechanical systems. Optimization of these elements leads to a more efficient, reliable machine design."

A Lube&Seal package undergoes extensive testing and certification procedures to ensure chemical compatibility, low friction, temperature resistance, corrosion protection, contamination reduction and extended service life. This collaborative technology offered by Kluber and Simrit contributes to the overall quality and performance of wind turbines by reducing wear and deterioration of key mechanical components.

Simrit and Kluber will debut their products and services at WINDPOWER 2010, which takes place from May 23-26 in Dallas.  

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