Chevron Introduces HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil

Noria news wires

Chevron Products Company, a manufacturer of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, on July 1 introduced HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40. The new oil is specifically designed for large stationary gas engines in gas compression, processing or co-generation applications that operate in extreme environments. HDAX 7200 Low Ash is particularly suited for lean-burn and stoichiometric four-stroke engines operating under high load, high temperature conditions as well as selected two-stroke gas engines requiring good low temperature startability.

The new oil is formulated with high-quality Group II basestocks and uses a proprietary, premium additive package containing ashless dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, metallic detergents and a metallic anti-wear agents. This combination of high-quality Group II basestock and a premium additive package results in excellent wear protection, helping to maximize equipment life and resulting in minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Chevron’s HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is formulated to meet NSCR catalyst compatibility requirements and is especially suited for installations requiring low phosphorus oil to prevent exhaust catalyst poisoning.

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