Lubrication Engineers Launches New Web Strategy

Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Lubrication Engineers Inc., a producer of enhanced industrial and automotive lubricants, has launched a new Web strategy, following the recent launch of its Clear Grease Gun product line. With the new Web site, Lubrication Engineers is seeking to reach a larger audience of prospects from around the globe and to increase worldwide sales.

Whether they're owners of a fleet of trucks, managers of a bottling plant, or operators of a wastewater treatment facility, LE's customers rely on its engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and other lubricants to maintain and extend the useful life of their machinery or equipment. The company's products are used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, food processing, construction and power generation. LE has also introduced new Clear Grease Guns to help plant personnel put lubricants into their equipment in a safe and reliable way. Because the tubes are transparent, it is easy to see the lubricants inside, which reduces the risk of using the wrong lubricant, thus preventing accidents or the shutdown of production lines.

LE partnered with ThomasNet's Web Solutions group to build a site that would generate more awareness of its products among prospects around the world, with an emphasis on the Clear Grease Guns. The company's previous site was difficult for qualified prospects to find through online searches. In contrast, the new site is rich with the kind of detailed content that pushes Lubrication Engineers and Clear Grease Guns to the top of prospects' search results.

The Web site includes a fully functional online catalog with e-commerce capabilities, so prospects can place orders (regular or express) and make direct purchases using shopping cart technology. In addition, they can:

  • Browse through products according to categories such as Clear Grease Guns, LE Reliability Solutions and LE Lubricants. They can also search by keywords, such as Pistol Grip or Lever Style, and by part numbers.
  • Compare up to five products at a time according to multiple attributes. For example, they can compare Clear Grease Tubes by collar colors, collar thread types, tube material and more. They can also view product images and specs, and download them as PDFs.
  • Submit Requests for Quotes to receive additional information before making a purchase.
  • Access Support & Resources, including an LE consultant locator and published reviews of the company's products.

"Our new site is already accomplishing our key objectives, bringing in new worldwide prospects and generating direct sales," said Paul Grimes, marketing manager, Lubrication Engineers. "We're also noticing that when our prospects call, the questions they have are at a higher level than in the past. Our site has already provided most of the information they need."

About Lubrication Engineers
A leader in lubricants since 1951, Lubrication Engineers Inc., manufactures and markets premium lubricants formulated from highly refined base oils. Enhanced with LE's proprietary additives, these oils provide unmatched performance in nearly any application operating in normal to severe conditions. Lubrication Engineers manufactures its lubricants in an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system at its plant in Wichita, Kan. With its comprehensive offering of versatile lubricants and related reliability products – available worldwide – LE provides its customers with increased profitability through longer equipment life, extended service intervals, reduction in energy use, fewer repairs and less need for inventory.

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