Alfa Laval Celebrates 125 Years of Performance

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During 2010, Alfa Laval has been celebrating a milestone – creating better everyday conditions for people in more than 20 industries with a broad product portfolio focused on three key technologies: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

The De Laval Separator Company was established in the USA in 1885. A factory to make the separators was built in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and sales skyrocketed by the early 1900’s. Soon the De Laval name became iconic in farming communities across America, and the separator was as common on farms as the cows. The Poughkeepsie factory remained operational until 1990.

The company persevered through prosperity, depression and wars, and continued to grow – with the addition of heat transfer technology in the 1930s, and entrance into the industrial separation market during World War II – when it helped the U.S. Navy overcome a shortage of lubricating oil by developing oil separators. The De Laval Separator Company became an important supplier to the US Navy, and is still a well-known name in the marine industry.

Fluid handling technology became part of the product portfolio during the 1960s – securing Alfa Laval’s third key technology in the USA. In the mid 1980s, the company acquired Tri-Clover, the leading supplier to the sanitary fluid handling industry. Tri-Clover remains a key product name in the Alfa Laval portfolio.

Today, Alfa Laval is known across America for leading separation, heat transfer and fluid handling technologies and solutions, and for product names that include Sharples, Contherm, Packniox, Toftejorg, Merco, Standard Refrigeration and Champ.

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