Noria is Recharged and Ready for Growth

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

Thirteen years ago, Noria Corporation began its mission to raise awareness and provide advisory services to users and suppliers of lubrication products. Much has been accomplished since then, which is a source of considerable pride for the Noria team. It’s been a great ride, but our work is not yet done. Over the past couple of months, we’ve taken necessary time to re-examine our business in detail and refresh our strategies for continued growth for serving our industry in the years ahead. I would like to share some of the key elements of our plans to create a new, recharged Noria.

Pursuit of Lubrication Excellence

In recent years, Noria has ventured out into many of the allied areas of asset management. We’ve learned much, especially the importance of collaboration toward attaining common goals. We’ve also learned that much work remains in our area of specialty … lubrication and oil analysis. Going forward, Noria has recalibrated its business objectives to intensify its focus on lubrication and oil analysis with an eye on the higher goal of overall plant reliability.

Technology-based Deliverables

From day one, Noria’s stock-and-trade always has been in the knowledge and information business. That doesn’t change going forward. While we will continue to offer conventional services in publishing, training and consulting, we are rapidly developing technology-based deliverables, as well. One example is our highly successful DVD training series. In order to achieve more efficient and broader reach to our customers, we will be more actively leveraging the Internet and other information technologies toward “productizing” our services. In the past couple of years, we’ve invested heavily in new technology to better serve our expanding client base. There will be announcements in this area soon. Stay tuned!

Globalization through Partnerships

In recent years, Noria has had considerable success teaming with partner organizations in various parts of the world who share our vision and passion for lubrication and oil analysis. Consistent with Noria’s core business model, these franchise relationships will be expanded considerably to aid in bringing both products and services to a greater global community of users and vendor organizations.

Noria’s Rock-solid Team

Noria is blessed to be served by a team of exceptionally high-quality and high-character professionals. In fact, our talent pool runs deep, and not just in the technical areas of our trade. With the recession slowly fading, we are quickly expanding our staff. We are planning several new hires in publishing, business development and services over the coming months.

Exciting, Dynamic Times

Just as Noria has frequently asked its clients to modernize their lubrication programs, the time has come for us to reshape our business as well. These are exciting, dynamic times. Change gives business vitality and helps keep Noria alert to the unmet needs of our customers. That said, Noria is on track to make 2010 one of the best years of our history.

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