Tempil Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Offers Free Guide

Noria news wires

Tempil, an ITW Company, is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the offer of a free “Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy”. The commemorative edition is offered with a Tempilstikº brochure highlighting temperature indicators and industrial coatings.

Tempilstik indicators have been providing accurate and reliable results for more than 70 years. They provide an inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement.

Engineers and welding instructors have found that Tempilstik temperature indicators verify preheat and interpass temperatures when working with high-strength steels, correct preheat and proper control of interpass temperatures are essential for weld quality to avoid cracking, and retain mechanical properties of the weld and base metal.

For a free copy of the Tempilstik brochure and the 50th commemorative guide, contact Tempil at tempil@tempil.com/ or 800-757-8301.

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