Wire Rope Lubricator Reduces Costs, Promotes Safety and Efficiency

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Fluid Defense Systems has introduced the GREASE SAFE Wire Rope Lubricator, a fast, effective and safe way of lubricating wire ropes for longer life and safer operation.

Friction and corrosion work together to shorten the effective life of wire rope exposing workers to unsafe environments and organizations to expensive equipment replacement exercises. While wear and damage can be evident on the outer of the wire rope, typically the damage is done to the core and it is not always evident until too late. Effective lubrication can extend the effective and safe operational life of wire ropes, however it is rarely done.

Manual lubrication of wire ropes via the drip, brush, spatula or rubber glove method has always been a difficult and time consuming maintenance task. Typically, messy asphaltic or "blackjack" type products are employed which have coating abilities but very little lubrication or penetration properties – the core of the rope is therefore not lubricated. The GREASE SAFE Wire Rope Lubricator eliminates the slow and labor intensive task of manual lubrication and provides fast and effective one pass lubrication of wire ropes from 5/16" (8 millimeters) to 2-5/8" (67mm) in diameter at speeds up to 3,333 feet (1,000 meters) per hour. At the same time achieving more thorough results by forcing lubricant under high pressure right through to the core of the wire rope. The result is a fully lubricated wire rope with a smooth minimal film of lubricant on the outer strands and lubricant forced through to the inner strands expelling water and other matter in the process.

Popular applications include:

  • Marine – mooring and anchor lines, deck winches, wharf cranes, ROV umbilical, submarine wire ropes, diving boats, goods cranes, mine winders, oil well platforms and ship loaders
  • Industrial – overhead cranes, mobile cranes, NDT inspection services, mining winder ropes, hoist ropes, wire rope manufacturers

The system consists of the Lubricator Collar assembly which houses the polyurethane seals to suit the specific size rope. The assembly is clamped around the rope and anchored to a fixed point. The rope is then pulled through the collar as the lubricant is applied with a high pressure grease pump.

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Fluid Defense Systems is headquartered in Chicago, with global distribution and key competence in product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Fluid Defense specializes in the area of best practice lubrication and attendant safety and environmental workplace compliance.

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