YRC Worldwide Launches Initiatives to Reduce Emissions, Cut Costs

YRC Worldwide has announced several sustainability initiatives, including low-viscosity engine oil, trailer skirts, and optimizing its network.
This month, YRC Worldwide begins its shift to 5W full-synthetic motor oil, which will improve the fuel efficiency of the company's fleet and reduce waste motor oil.
"When fully implemented in 2012, this change will translate to an annual savings of approximately 100,000 gallons of fuel," said Mike Kelley, chief sustainability officer and vice president, external affairs. "In addition, this will reduce the waste oil we dispose of each year by approximately 28,000 fewer gallons."
The company also is adding wind skirts to its 53-foot trailers, which will reduce drag to improve fuel economy. Concentrating initially on equipment in California, YRC Worldwide will extend the use of wind skirts nationwide. YRC Worldwide introduced its use of fuel-efficient tires in early 2010. Additionally, the company will order an initial SmartWay-certified power unit to use in a pilot program this summer.
YRC Worldwide will also be hiring additional network engineers in the next few months.
"Network engineers are skilled in finding ways to optimize our network to minimize empty miles and maximize trailer capacity," Kelley said. "Our network design works in tandem with our fleet enhancements, driving further reductions in emissions."
The efforts at becoming greener and more efficient are intended to help return the beleaguered company to profitability. Last quarter, the $4.3 billion company posted a $102 million loss. The company also plans to complete a financial restructuring this summer.

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