Struktol Company Introduces New Lubricant for Nylon Compounds

Struktol Company of America has unveiled STRUKTOL® TR 063, a unique lubricant which has been designed to reduce compound viscosity, significantly improve metal release, and enhance dispersion of mineral fillers and reinforcing agents in nylon 6 and 66.

The product boasts a novel chemistry which makes it highly compatible with polyamides and superior in performance to alternative lubricants, according to Mike Fulmer, Struktol’s Product Manager for Plastic Additives.

“TR 063 provides compounders and processors with a cost-effective, versatile process additive that can significantly improve throughput and efficiency,” Fulmer said.

The company reports dramatic decreases in die build-up during compounding and extremely good overall processing, both in extrusion and injection molding of the finished compounds.

“The metal release provided by this product is as good as we’ve seen,” added Fulmer.

Strand pelletizing of nylon 6 and 66 compounds often results in die build-up after a short time. STRUKTOL® TR 063 added at 0.5% to 1% loadings minimizes this type of build-up, allowing the processor to run longer and more efficiently without concern for contamination or discoloration. This is especially important in natural or light color compounds. At the same time, physical properties are minimally affected by TR 063, unlike competitive lubricants which can present concerns.

In filled or reinforced compounds, TR 063 provides a balance of viscosity reduction and dispersion improvement which leads to more consistent processing and maximum physical properties. The lubricant has been shown to have minimum interaction with coupling agents often used with reinforcing products such as glass fiber.

STRUKTOL® TR 063 is designed to work in the temperature processing range of nylon 6 and 66 compounds. It can be added directly at the compounding stage or by the processor during part manufacturing. In pellet form, it can be easily added to extrusion or injection molding machines.

The new lubricant is finding strong commercial use in compounding. For more information on STRUKTOL® TR 063, visit

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