Puradyn Issued Patent for New Filtration Technology

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Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated has announced that it has been granted a patent (U.S. Patent #8,002,973) for a new filtration technology. This new technology provides the capability of integrating the engine’s oil filter with Puradyn’s bypass micro-filtration product, as well as facilitating the development of “smart” features into an advanced oil filtration system. The technology provides a platform to interface with an engine’s electronic control module, resulting in real-time onboard diagnostic benefits.

Puradyn designs and manufactures a bypass oil filtration system that filters out solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants in engine and hydraulic oil. The product conserves oil and saves money for customers by allowing lube oil to remain continuously clean and, in the case of engine oil, having additives replenished, resulting in safely extending the life of oil for relatively long periods of time.

"This patent, which results from three years of extensive research, will be the basis for our next generation of filters that will emerge through its many inherent technical applications," said Joseph V. Vittoria, chairman and CEO of Puradyn. "Importantly, the patent provides Puradyn with a roadmap to system-integrated micro-filtration methods. This patent confirms our approach in providing a unique technology for a customer-driven solution for oil filtration, and we consider it a major advance in Puradyn’s future development."

For more information, visit www.puradyn.com.

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