Cambridge Releases Viscosity-Testing Software Upgrade

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Cambridge Viscosity has released a new version of its PVT software. The 2.0 version features numerous enhancements designed to make viscosity testing of oil, gas and supercritical fluids easier and more efficient. Users can now save graph images in a variety of formats; use time zoom, pause and “add comment” graph functions; and extend graphing colors and settings.

The software optimizes Cambridge’s VISCOlab PVT, which is a viscosity measurement system for high-pressure and high-temperature viscosity analysis. This system combines the VISCOpro processor with an advanced SPL440 sensor. The system employs an integrated recirculating bath that controls temperatures from minus 20 degrees C to 190 degrees C while minimizing warm-up time and space requirements. 

The system also incorporates a simple three-valve plumbing configuration to control sample flow and includes horizontal, 45-degree and vertical configurations for ease of operation. The mercury-free sensor requires only a 5-milliliter sample. The VISCOlab PVT is used to test viscosity temperature in a variety of applications, including oil exploration, research and recovery; gas and gas condensates; core analysis; phase behavior; supercritical fluids; and other complex applications.

Other new features include Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) compatibility, the flexibility to allow an adjustable number of decimals displayed in measurements, automatic monitor mode at bath wake-up, an enhanced bath and pressure configuration setup command, and logging interval adjustment.

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