Cambridge Develops New Viscometer for Offshore Use

Noria news wires

Cambridge Viscosity has developed a new inline process viscometer for offshore use. The new SPL-393 viscometer meets all electrical, plumbing material, pressure and temperature requirements for use on a platform where environmental conditions can reach extremes.

The sensor connects into a pipeline using a standard 2-inch ring-type joint flange. The rugged construction can withstand up to 2,200 psi and 190 degrees C, and has long penetration for large-diameter pipes. The SPL 393 is designed for highly accurate, repeatable viscosity readings and clean-in-place simplicity. Coupled with Cambridge's standard VISCOPro 2000 or Digital Viscometer: VISCOPro 1600 electronics, the sensor provides sophisticated multi-shear compatibilities.

"We are very excited to introduce this product designed to meet the specific needs of the petroleum industry,” said Cambridge president Robert Kasameyer. “The initial application of the SPL-393 sensor in EOR (enhanced oil recovery) oil production improves production efficiency while withstanding harsh offshore drilling conditions.”

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