Champion Receives GSA Approval for Lubricants

Noria news wires

Champion has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 51-V Contract to provide products and services to the U.S. government.

Under the five-year contract, Champion will be listed as a preferred government-approved vendor and can provide numerous types of gasoline and diesel motor oils, brake fluids, greases, aerosols and engine additives to all of levels of government and military.  

“The GSA Schedule 51-V award is validation of Champion’s commitment to offer ‘purpose-built’ solutions for its federal, state and local government customers,” said Mike Reddick, Champion vice president of sales and marketing. “We specifically designed our Schedule 51-V Contract to meet the government’s needs for top-tier chemicals and lubricants while using cutting-edge technological solutions. We look forward to continuing our support to our commercial and industrial customers while providing our government colleagues with responsive, efficient and cost-effective ways to benefit from our product line and capabilities.”

Before awarding Champion’s contract, the General Services Administration evaluated a number of criteria including products, capabilities, corporate structure, performance history and customer satisfaction. Champion also can now be found on GSA Advantage, the government’s online shopping system at For more information, visit

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