Houghton Introduces New Soluble Oil Lubricants

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Houghton International recently introduced heavy-duty soluble oil lubricants designed to extend tool life and reduce maintenance costs for drawing and stamping applications.

Houghto-Draw 7060 lubricates ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including difficult alloys such as titanium. It is compatible with hard water and runs clean with low foaming, which reduces disposal costs and downtime associated with maintenance. The bio-stable formula assures long, odor-free sump life and resists biological attacks to improve maintenance conditions for operators. Houghto-Draw 7060 also is engineered to improve surface finishing and lead to increased tool life due to its in-process corrosion protection of machinery and parts.

Drawsol WM 2800 contains highly refined petroleum oils, extreme pressure agents, fatty lubricants and rust inhibitors to handle most heavy-duty stamping and drawing processes. It also offers anti-corrosion protection, which helps improve part storage life. Drawsol WM 2800 has a high viscosity, making it a good choice for applications that require carry-through to multiple stages. Operators can dilute the lubricant with water for use on routine press operations, ranging from heavy gauge drawing to medium stamping.

For more information, visit www.houghtonintl.com.

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