Plews Unveils UltraLube Greases for Rail Curves and Switch Plates

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Plews Inc. recently introduced UltraLube Rail Curve Greases and Switch Plate Lubricants featuring a biodegradable formula that is ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas near waterways. Formulated from U.S.-grown vegetable oils, the bio-based greases and lubricants are available in high-viscosity and low-viscosity formulations.

The UltraLube Rail Curve Greases contain advanced extreme-pressure additives to guard against wheel and rail wear. Both the high-viscosity and low-viscosity formulations are available with added molybdenum disulphide for enhanced protection. All formulations reduce friction and wear between the track and wheel flange, and their lubricity helps improve train fuel efficiency.

The greases are formulated to resist port plugging in wiping bars and provide longer carry down track from the lubricator. They also offer better gauge face coefficient of friction and less migration to the top of the rail than petroleum-based grease.

Recommended for heavy load applications such as coal trains, UltraLube Rail Curve Greases are designed for wayside applicators with wide temperature requirements.

The UltraLube Switch Plate Lubricants are formulated with natural seed oils and additives to protect railway switches from wear and prevent rust and corrosion. Created to be poured, brushed, wiped or sprayed on railroad switches, the lubricants provide good penetration into the switches. They help prevent dust and dirt buildup, and resist washout from rain or melting ice.

Both UltraLube Rail Curve Greases and Switch Plate Lubricants meet the EPA’s Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria. 

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