Memolub Adds Automatic Lubricator

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Memolub International recently announced the addition of a new low-cost automatic lubricator to the company’s line of products.

The Memolub One LPS is a low-pressure, single-point, self-contained automatic lubricator with simple operation and low environmental impact. It is designed to save time, money, labor and bearings with precise metered lubricant injection, simple programming and easy-to-change, low-cost, replaceable lube cartridges.

Utilizing the same positive-displacement pumping system as the Memolub HPS but with reduced output pressure, the Memolub One LPS is specifically engineered for single-point lubrication. The system used to set the programming of the lubricator eliminates the risk of inadvertently changing the lubricant output frequency setting, thus avoiding human error.

The Memolub One LPS can be remotely mounted up to 6 feet from the lube point, minimizing the danger of accessing critical points. The replaceable lubricant cartridge (available with the customer’s choice of grease or oil) and battery pack are the only consumables required, reducing not only the environmental impact but also the ongoing cost of use when compared to other systems.

Each lubricator comes with a 3-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. For more information, visit

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