Dover Hydraulics Acquires Gross Welders and Fabricators

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Dover Hydraulics has acquired Gross Welders and Fabricators of New Philadelphia, Ohio. The acquisition allows Dover Hydraulics to expand its in-house and portable welding as well as metal fabrication capabilities to better serve the gas, oil, steel, mining and construction industries.

The company has been renamed Dover Fabrication and Burn Inc. and will maintain its current staff of eight employees in New Philadelphia.

“Gross Welders and Fabricators has been serving customers locally and nationally for 45 years, and we are pleased to be adding its full range of welding and fabricating to the Dover Hydraulics portfolio,” said Dover Hydraulics president Bob Sensel. “With this acquisition, our customers will benefit greatly from these added services.”

Dover Fabrication and Burn’s newly acquired means of service should be useful for the oil and gas drilling industry. The company’s experience spans all manner of heavy industry, which is forecasted for continued growth in the area.

Known for its hydraulic cylinder and component repair, Dover Hydraulics’ capabilities include hydraulic repair work for steel mills, coke plants, scrap yards, underground mining, mobile and construction equipment, amusement parks, offshore/marine shipping and cranes, oil and gas, water well drillings and marine diesel engines. For more information, visit

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