Hach Unveils New Particle Counter

Noria news wires

Hach recently introduced a new online particle monitor that is designed for continuous, online maintenance-free operation. The HIAC ROC particle counter provides real-time contamination and condition information for quicker decision-making in oil analysis applications.

Constructed for harsh environments, it can sample a wide range of oil-based products and excels in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

The large flow path minimizes blockages during operation, while the local display offers ISO codes for each liquid particle count channel, alarms and status information. The counter also can easily adapt to filter carts with an auto-stop when oil is clean.

The accompanying software allows users to configure the ROC with a computer to fit a specific application. Simply connect to a serial port from a Windows PC using the included utility program, then log and export data for customized reporting, as well as trend data in real-time for proactive maintenance.

The ROC serves a variety of industrial and mobile applications, including hydraulic presses and machines, filter carts, fluid fill stations, hydraulic power units, reclamation stations and component test stands. It comes with a long-life laser diode, which is required for 24-hour continuous online operation.

For more information, visit www.particle.com.

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