Total to Launch New Hydraulic Fluid

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Total Lubricants is set to launch a new high-performance hydraulic fluid developed with Dynavis Technology from Evonik Oil Additives on Oct. 1. The new multi-grade hydraulic fluid will be branded as Equivis FE and will be distributed globally.

The fluid promises a number of significant benefits, including fuel economy. In field tests, hydraulic fluids formulated with Dynavis Technology have proven to reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 30 percent.

"One of the primary beneficiaries of the fuel savings are operators of fleets of construction equipment, such as excavators and wheel loaders," explains Dr. Oliver Eyrisch of Evonik Oil Additives. "With today’s relatively high costs for diesel fuel, Dynavis Technology opens the door to savings well into the six-figure range for operators of large fleets of equipment."

By providing a broader temperature operating range, Equivis FE can reduce internal leakage in hydraulic pumps, thereby improving equipment productivity and fuel efficiency. Even the normal wear and tear of seals and other hydraulic components is expected to be diminished.

Total’s new multi-grade hydraulic fluid is also formulated to maintain optimum power output of hydraulic pumps even after many hours of work under maximum load. With better agility and performance, the equipment completes more load cycles and/or realizes dramatic fuel savings.

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