Afton Receives Energy Efficiency Award

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Petroleum additive manufacturer Afton Chemical Corporation was recently honored with the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) 2012 Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Award.

Afton’s plant in Port Arthur, Texas, received the award that recognizes technical innovations, creative projects or novel procedures. By making logistical changes in 2011, the Port Arthur plant was able to achieve significant energy savings.

Member companies who participate in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program subscribe to the highest standards of operational excellence in health, safety, the environment and sustainability. The ACC recognizes Responsible Care companies for specific areas of achievement.

Afton Chemical received the energy efficiency award in the category entitled, "Significant Improvement in Manufacturing — Plant Site." The award was announced at the ACC’s Responsible Care Conference and Expo in Hollywood, Fla.

Afton Chemical Corporation offers performance fuels and refinery chemicals, such as gasoline performance additives, diesel fuel additives, lubricity improvers and cold flow improvers; driveline products, including automotive gear oil and automatic transmission fluid; engine oil additives, such as passenger car engine oils, heavy-duty diesel engine oils, and railroad and marine diesel engine oils; and industrial products, including anti-wear and R&O hydraulic oils, industrial specialty chemicals, industrial gear oils and grease.

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