Mettler Toledo Launches New Particle Monitoring Technology

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Mettler Toledo recently introduced its new focused beam reflectance measurement (FBRM) technology for tracking the rate and degree of change to particles, particle structures and droplets at full process concentration. FBRM G600L quickly captures particle change information for fast optimization of crystallization, particle and droplet processes.

With a pneumatic probe that is ideal for classified laboratory hoods, FBRM G600L can be used in vessels from 500 milliliters to 10 liters or inserted into a continuous pipeline. In each application, FBRM G600L enables chemists and engineers to quickly link experiment variables to changes in particle dimension, shape and count using the same sensitive FBRM technology Mettler Toledo applies in its other series entries (FBRM G400, FBRM G600Ex and FBRM G600 Production). This ability to characterize particle or droplet system response to changing experiment parameters allows for faster process performance improvement, more uniform particle distribution and enhanced product quality.

In its standard design, the FBRM G600L probe can be used in temperatures from minus 10 to 150 degrees C, with an option for use down to minus 80 degrees C. A variety of available seal types help FBRM G600L meet regulatory or pressure requirements. It is also compatible with iC FBRM software for data acquisition and interpretation, enabling scientists to evaluate experimental data.

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