Quaker Obtains Food-Grade Certification

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Quaker Chemical Corporation recently received H1 certification for Quakerol PCL-FG, a high-performance, food-grade synthetic lubricant formulated for use on pin chains in the can manufacturing process. The synthetic lubricant is designed to keep chains deposit free by minimizing carbon build-up and provide excellent lubricity for increased efficiency and reduced wear.

Quakerol PCL-FG was deemed FDA-compliant for incidental food contact. The H1 certification was obtained under NSF International's Nonfood Compounds Registration program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements (including FDA 21 CFR) for appropriate use, ingredients and labeling. The certification gives Quakerol PCL-FG approval as a lubricant for use in and around food-processing areas. Products approved for use under this program can be found in NSF's White Book.

"With today's interest in 'green' technology, many beverage manufacturers are being asked to fill cans produced with food-grade synthetic lubricants in the event there is incidental food contact," says Quaker’s James Vandenberg. “Quaker is now in the unique position in the U.S. to meet this growing need.”

Quaker also offers other food-grade lubricants to the can market, including low-VOC tab lubricants for can end conversion presses, pre-lubricants for tab stock and necker lubricants for aluminum bottle cans.

For more information, visit quakerchem.com.

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