Sprayon Introduces New Food-Grade Chain Lubricant

Noria news wires

Sprayon Products recently introduced the LU 205 Food-Grade Chain Lubricant as part of its expanded line of NSF H1-rated food-grade lubricants.

The new lubricant features a blend of high-quality renewable resource oils that are treated with antioxidants, extreme-pressure, anti-wear and corrosion-protecting additives. PTFE is added to further enhance load capacity and reduce friction.

Biodegradable and free of heavy metals, the LU 205 Food-Grade Chain Lubricant also offers extreme-pressure lubricity, water resistance and high-temperature performance on chains and more. Its foaming action allows for pinpoint application and deep penetration.

To learn more about the LU 205 Food-Grade Chain Lubricant or other Sprayon products, visit FoodGrade.Sprayon.com or Sprayon.com.

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