Sprayon Unveils New Food-Grade Synthetic Grease

Noria news wires

Sprayon Products recently introduced the new LU 207 Food-Grade Synthetic Grease as part of its expanded line of NSF H1-rated food-grade lubricants.

The new grease is a pure synthetic multi-service, non-melting, waterproof grease fortified with PTFE. It is designed specifically to lubricate, seal out water and resist chemical attack under the most demanding conditions.

With its film strength and extreme-pressure qualities, Sprayon LU 207 Food Grade Synthetic Grease forms a durable film of lubrication that prevents metal-to-metal contact and is resistant to water washout.

To learn more about the LU 207 Food-Grade Synthetic Grease or other Sprayon products, visit FoodGrade.Sprayon.com or Sprayon.com.

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