Dow Lubricant Meets GE Requirements

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The Dow Chemical Co. recently announced that its polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic turbine fluid now meets the requirements of the latest revision of GE's gas turbine lubricant recommendations document, GEK 32568h.

Developed as a solution to prevent varnish formation in gas turbines, Dow's PAG-based turbine fluid can help prevent costly shutdowns and reduce the expense of varnish-management measures such as filtration and related maintenance procedures. The fluid is formulated to increase turbine reliability and operational efficiency while providing year-round protection against seasonal changes.

"The benefits of PAG-based chemistry are fairly well-known in industrial applications, but many gas turbine operators have been reluctant to use any product not spelled out in original equipment manufacturers' turbine lubrication specifications," said Brian Goldstein, Dow's product marketing manager. "With Dow's PAG-based chemistry now included in the GE specifications, turbine operators can use PAG-based lubricants without concerns about voiding their warranties. This is exciting news for customers looking for more reliable solutions to prevent costly turbine trips and keep machinery up and running. It also opens the door for use of PAG-based chemistry in a wider range of applications."

In the United States and Canada, Dow's PAG-based synthetic turbine fluid is available as EcoSafe TF-25 from American Chemical Technologies.

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