Stauff Releases New Particle Counter

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Stauff recently introduced a new particle counter with eight measuring channels to distinguish particle sizes between 4 and 70 microns. The LPM II particle monitor uses high-performance LEDs to provide precise images of the degree of contamination in a hydraulic system.

The unit is permanently installed for continuous system monitoring. As a result, it allows users to quickly respond to increasing contamination, thus protecting the system from failure and machine downtime.

The LPM II shows measured data on the display as a contamination class according to ISO 4406:1999, NAS 1638, AS 4059E and ISO 11218 or as a particle count per size. The device is not sensitive to jolts, shocks, dust or moisture and can be used with virtually any common hydraulic fluid.

If the hydraulic system is not easy to access, a separate LPM II-Remote may be installed in a convenient location. The integrated Modbus and CAN Bus interfaces can be used to connect the unit to existing machine-control and data-acquisition systems.

The LPM II is available in two versions: the LPM II-D with a display and keypad, and the LPM II-O without a display and keypad.

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