Global Sales Group Introduces New Oil Drain Valve

Noria news wires

Global Sales Group recently introduced a new engine oil drain valve for industrial engines and construction equipment. The new EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces standard oil drain plugs on all engines for clean and easy oil changes with just a touch of a finger.

The valve, which can also be used for oil sampling, is nickel-plated for extra protection and features a ball valve mechanism for leak-proof operation, an O-ring seal for improved sealing ability and a reinforced plastic lever cover for easy opening/closing.

The valve can be installed without any special tools. All that is required is to simply turn the lever to drain the oil. Turn the lever back, and it locks closed. A hose may be attached to the hose end to drain the oil away from the engine, making it ideal for hard-to-reach stationary engines and construction equipment.

An L-shaped hose end is also available for industrial engines with limited space and access to the drain plug. It is designed to prevent hose kinking. The elbow is fully adjustable to 360 degrees in any direction and may be secured with the built-in locknut.

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