Q8 Oils Launches New Cutting Fluid

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Q8 Oils recently launched a new high-performance, water-based cutting fluid for general machining applications including deep-hole drilling, boring, skiving and roller burnishing.

Q8 Baroni XHS is formulated with unique water-soluble lubricity additives that allow its use not to be limited by water quality. The additives also ensure excellent surface finish and extended tool life. The fluid's low-foaming properties help to minimize spillage and do not result in loss of machine pressure.

Chlorine- and sulfur-free, Q8 Baroni XHS requires no environmental labeling, and its bio-stability is designed to provide long sump life and reduced maintenance costs.

"As a fully synthetic metalworking fluid, Q8 Baroni XHS benefits from long-term stability and full tramp oil rejection and, thanks to its excellent lubricity properties, is suitable for low- to heavy-duty machining of ferrous alloys, stainless steel, high tensile steel, Inconel and other high-specification alloys," said Mick Doxford, Q8 Oils sales manager.

Based in the United Kingdom, Q8 Oils offers an extensive range of lubricants including engine oils, automotive transmission and axle oils, food-grade lubricants and greases, hydraulic fluids, plant maintenance oils, quenching oils, process oils, neat cutting and forming oils, soluble metalworking fluids, and heat transfer fluids.

For more information, visit www.Q8Oils.co.uk.

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