How to Nominate Your Company for the Gill or Battle Award

Suzy Jamieson, ICML

The International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) awards were created to recognize excellence in the application of machinery lubrication and oil analysis in end-user programs. Therefore, all submissions must come from personnel of end-user sites. However, nominations in the form of a referral can be made by any practitioner in industry. So if you have customers or colleagues who are part of an impressive program, encourage them to submit for an award and contact ICML to recommend them for the John R. Battle or Augustus H. Gill award.

This lubricant storage room showcases the
world-class practices utilized at the Clopay
plant in Augusta, Ky., which won the in-
augural John R. Battle Award.

It is important to note the differences between these two awards. The Gill award targets oil analysis programs, while the Battle award concentrates on machinery lubrication programs. Although they share many of the same judging criteria, the Battle award obviously focuses more heavily on lubrication management, just as the Gill award’s emphasis is on condition monitoring aspects and oil analysis program specifics.

Nomination Process

If your organization is not an end user and you wish to refer a company for the ICML awards, send an email to ICML at You will be contacted to confirm your reference, and the program manager at the referred site will be notified and invited to nominate the site/program for the applicable award.

If you are an end user, you can nominate your site directly. The submission process has recently been automated, allowing you to complete the Gill or Battle award applications online at Simply click on "awards" and then either the Battle or Gill image, depending on the award for which you are applying. Please keep in mind the award’s criteria as you answer each question on the application. Do not leave any questions blank. If you do not answer a question, note it as “N/A” and give a brief explanation of why the question is not applicable to your program.

Provide as much information as possible for judges to familiarize themselves with your program. Supply evidence of the program’s improvements and characteristics. Before and after pictures can be powerful examples of progress. Charts, posters, standards or procedures that have been developed also help to illustrate change. Be sure to reference attachments with the corresponding application question and, if possible, label the photo/attachment with the same number as the question.

Include all changes that have been made at your site/program and how they relate to the award criteria. The key is for your application to demonstrate the improvements and to offer evidence that substantiates the results. Of course, ICML can help with any questions during the nomination process.

Beginning Programs

Every program must start somewhere. One of ICML’s main objectives is to serve as a roadmap toward excellence in lubrication and oil analysis. Previous award recipients are great examples to follow, and most are open to sharing what they have learned. When starting a program or making the commitment to improve a program, practitioners should review the ICML awards criteria and perform a lube audit along with a gap analysis to identify areas that need improvement.

Surround yourself with the proper resources, which are readily available in industry today. These vary from consultants and coaches to publications, Internet forums and groups. Educate yourself and your technicians with these resources and through formal training. Include operators if the budget allows. Follow up the training investment with learning verification via certification testing. Read the case studies of previous ICML award winners and contact them if you have questions. As you move forward in your improvements, document where you started as well as each step along the way.

When you believe your program is at a world-class level, submit your nomination for an ICML award. This recognition of excellence is free of charge and open to end-user companies worldwide. Applications will be kept confidential, as ICML does not disclose the applicant companies but only the award recipient to encourage organizations to nominate again as their programs advance. Visit for more information or refer a nominee by sending an email to

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