PAMAS Introduces New Particle Counting System

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PAMAS recently introduced a new auto-sampling system that is designed to provide analysis of several hundred samples per day with unattended operation.

The AS3 system includes a sample preparation probe that breaks all agglomerates in the fluid before analysis. The ultrasonic probe prepares the subsequent sample while the current sample is being analyzed. The sample preparation device is cleaned between samples to minimize cross-contamination.

An automatic dilution system adds a programmable amount of solvent online to the raw sample. The system's inner structural design ensures that the solvent and sample fluid are thoroughly mixed.

The new system features an "XYZ" stage and operates with samples on trays. Radio frequency identification (RFID) or barcode systems can be used optionally to automatically identify trays.

The AS3 can also be linked to an existing laboratory information management (LIM) system. If the existing LIM system can forward sample IDs based on tray number and X/Y position within the tray, no individual sample identification procedure is necessary. If the samples carry RFID or barcode labels, samples can be identified with an attached reader.

The system table has an integrated drain trap that collects spillage. A drainage system can be connected to feed the spillage to a central collection system.

The AS3 is also equipped with an intelligent flushing device, which optimizes the sequence of samples.

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