On-Site Analysis Introduces ShipCheck Fluid Analyzer

Noria news wires

On-Site Analysis Inc. recently expanded into the maritime industry with the introduction of the OBA ShipCheck analyzer. Weighing just 95 pounds, the analyzer conducts diagnostic analysis on a number of fluids, including engine lubricants, grease, gear lubricants and scrape down oils.

The OBA ShipCheck can perform comprehensive onboard fluids testing in minutes to identify needed repairs, eliminating the need to send samples to onshore laboratories.

While the analyzer incorporates advanced analytical components, including a built-in dual temperature viscometer and particle counter, it is easy to use and does not require expert staffing.

With a push of a button, the OBA ShipCheck can automatically identify the presence of 20 metals and measure physical property levels for contaminants like glycol, fuel, water, nitration and oxidation. It can also determine a fluid's base number. 

The analyzer's special software has been customized to marine application rules, with an extensive database reflecting the industry's concentration in hydraulics and gearboxes.

The OBA ShipCheck connects directly to a Web-based data analysis system, allowing corporate fleet maintenance management to track the condition of an entire fleet on a real-time basis and receive email alerts when emerging problems are identified.

For more information, visit www.on-siteanalysis.com.

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