Schroeder Unveils New Particle Counter, Fluid Sensor

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Schroeder Industries recently introduced the new Sensor Monitoring Unit (SMU) along with a new version of its TestMate Particle Counter (TPM).

The SMU is a display unit for fluid sensors and is designed to display key contamination data and store measured data for later retrieval. No programming is necessary with the simple keypad operation. The unit allows for easy installation using the magnetic holder or top hat rails.

The TestMate Particle Counter, which measures and counts solid contaminants in hydraulic and lubrication oil, is now offered without an internal pump. The pumpless version can also be ordered with Viton seals, allowing it to be used with phosphate-ester fluids.

Intended for either in-line or bottle sample counting, the portable unit delivers in-line counts for continuous measurement. A built-in printer provides results of particle counts for archiving. Various programming options are available, including the ability to activate or de-activate system functions when contamination reaches a user-specified level. A custom software package is also included for trend analysis.

An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, Schroeder Industries designs, manufactures and markets filtration products for the hydraulic and lubrication, filter systems, process and fuel industries.

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