Alerton Introduces FluidSafe Additive

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Alerton International recently introduced a new additive to help prevent injuries caused by hydraulic fluid injection. FluidSafe is a non-hazardous additive that has no adverse effect on the physical properties of a fluid, making it safe for use in any mining operation.

The additive is designed to aid in the detection and surgical removal of hydraulic fluid in the event of an accidental fluid injection under the skin, thus improving worker safety and equipment maintenance.

When viewed under high-intensity blue light, the bright fluorescent green glow of the additive can quickly and accurately detect high-pressure fluid injection injuries onsite. By pinpointing the exact location of hydraulic fluid under the skin, FluidSafe can limit soft tissue dissection when surgery is required.

Ideal for preventive maintenance programs, the FluidSafe additive also can detect leaks in hoses, fittings, seals and other components that have degenerated to the point where their integrity has been compromised. This helps to minimize the loss of hydraulic fluid and reduce equipment downtime. FluidSafe users have reported a 5- to 7-percent savings in hydraulic fluid consumption.

The additive is available in two blends to work with oil-based hydraulic fluid or oil-in-water emulsion hydraulic fluid.

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