Phillips 66 Introduces Hydraulic Oils

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Phillips 66 Lubricants recently introduced a new lineup of high-efficiency (HE) hydraulic oils to meet the growing demand for oils that improve fuel and energy efficiency. Unlike conventional mono-grade hydraulic oils, HE oils are designed to hold their viscosity better at high temperatures, reducing energy loss caused by internal leakage in hydraulic pumps and resulting in improved hydraulic system efficiency. The oils also protect against wear, rust and corrosion to extend equipment life.

The company's hydraulic oil lineup currently includes 20 specialized products, including Ultra Powerflow HE 46/68, Powerflow HE and Ecoterra HVI.

Ultra Powerflow HE 46/68 is a premium high-viscosity-index, anti-wear hydraulic oil developed primarily for use in mobile equipment operating in cold climates or in locations subject to wide temperature fluctuations. With a viscosity between ISO 46 and 68, the oil is recommended for use in off-road construction, mining and marine equipment.

Powerflow HE, which replaced the Powerflow AW HVI product, is a premium anti-wear hydraulic fluid formulated with a high viscosity index and a low pour point. It is ideal for use over a wide temperature range and across a variety of mobile and marine hydraulic system applications. With increased efficiency up to 6 percent when compared to conventional hydraulic fluids, this fluid is recommended for use in high-pressure, high-speed hydraulic pumps commonly found in mobile trucks, bucket trucks, cranes and lifts.

Ecoterra HVI is an inherently biodegradable, high-quality, zinc-free anti-wear hydraulic fluid that is considered an "environmentally conscious" fluid specified for application in some off-road equipment across a wide temperature range. Its viscosity index has been upgraded to 162 for both grades so that an efficiency claim of up to 6 percent can be made.

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