Sullair, Dow Chemical Launch New Air Compressor Lubricant

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Sullair recently announced the launch of the newly enhanced Sullube air compressor lubricant produced by Dow Chemical.

The polyglycol-based lubricant is formulated to prevent the formation of varnish and help keep compressors running clean and cool. Originally introduced nearly 30 years ago, the new Sullube has been enhanced to meet the demanding needs of modern rotary-screw air compressors. Beyond its ability to protect and clean compressor air ends, Sullube's new formulation is designed to improve lubricant life up to 10,000 hours.

"Sullair has a strong reputation for the durability of its air compressors, and Sullube has played a major role in helping keep our air compressors running optimally," states Tim Kruto, Sullair senior product manager. "This new formulation combines the benefits Sullube has historically provided and adds additional value with the extended fluid life all backed by the expertise of Dow."

The Sullair/Dow relationship is more than just a supplier/customer relationship. Dow Chemical has relied on Sullube to help keep its own compressors running optimally.

"We have counted on Sullair for its best-in-class efficiency and reliability for more than 30 years and look forward to continuing that strong relationship with them for years to come," says Keith Kenebrew, associate commercial director for Dow Hydrocarbons and Resources.

To launch the improved formulation of Sullube, Sullair and Dow have been conducting training sessions and webinars with Sullair distributors throughout the world, as well as created a website to provide additional information and resources.

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