ICML Marks 14 Years of Industry Success

Suzy Hitchcock, ICML

In 2001, when the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) offered its first certification exam, few could have envisioned the organization becoming the world leader in the certification of lubrication technicians and oil analysts. However, following 14 years of consistent and impressive growth, ICML has now administered more than 21,000 exams to practitioners from more than 100 different countries. Exams are currently offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, German and Russian. The organization is also looking to translate its exams into additional languages to ensure qualified individuals are able to test their skills equally.

Thanks to ICML’s rapid global expansion and successful track record, its certification programs in effect have become world standards on the certification of technicians, with thousands of companies worldwide using its credentials for skill-based hiring and promoting. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has even incorporated ICML’s certification programs as the basis for its two international standards on the certification of oil analysis personnel. ICML’s Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) and Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) programs were pioneered into ISO 18436-4 for field-based personnel, while ICML’s Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA) program was expanded and forged into ISO 18436-5 for laboratory-based personnel.

Over the years, ICML has continued to support lubrication standards development, with its volunteers being active in various committees and working groups responsible for standards relating to the application of lubrication and oil analysis best practices. ICML serves as a voice for industry to advocate for necessary standards and welcomes suggestions for specific issues needing standardization.

About ICML

The International Council for Machinery Lubrication is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization founded to facilitate growth and development of machine lubrication as a technical field of endeavor. Among its various activities, ICML offers skill certification testing for individuals in the fields of machine condition monitoring, lubrication and oil analysis. ICML is an independently chartered organization consisting of both paid professional staff members and volunteer advisors. It provides lubrication and oil analysis standard development support, scholarship, skill-based testing and certification, and recognition of excellence.

Besides certification and standards development, ICML helps to dignify the careers of lubrication practitioners by recognizing excellence in industry and identifying future industry mentors through its awards programs. The Augustus H. Gill and John R. Battle awards, which are presented for excellence in oil analysis and lubrication, recognize end-user programs around the world and bring global prestige and respect to lubrication champions and their teams. The focus of the awards is not just to identify award recipients but to encourage excellence and create a means to share best practices among user organizations on a global scale. The awards are open to companies worldwide at no cost to the applicants and are independent of any involvement by the applicant companies in any area of ICML activity. The awards criteria serve as a roadmap for organizations in their journey to world-class lubrication and oil analysis initiatives.

Most importantly, ICML has become a global community of lubrication and oil analysis practitioners who are deserving of recognition and support. The organization’s volunteers have a passion to do right by its members and have an incredible commitment to make ICML work.

It has been said that industry rides on a precious and delicate film of oil. Just how much this film of oil influences economic health, job stability and the environment is becoming more and more evident. Industry is increasingly open to a more proactive approach to maintenance in order to improve asset reliability and productivity. It is also awakening to the fact that none of these initiatives really matters if the individual performing lubrication tasks is not properly trained and supported. ICML’s mission is to help more people understand and appreciate this crucial role.

For more information on ICML’s certification programs and how to join the organization, visit www.lubecouncil.org.

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