Spectro Scientific Unveils New Onsite Oil Analysis System

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Spectro Scientific recently introduced the MiniLab 53 onsite oil analysis system. Designed for use by industrial plant personnel, the MiniLab 53 combines multiple tests in one unit to monitor lubricant chemistry, contamination and machinery wear.

The system provides machine wear data and trend analyses, enabling users to make immediate, condition-based decisions to reduce unexpected downtime and eliminate potential machine failures.

In analyzing fluid chemistry, the FluidScan IR technology measures acid number, base number, soot, oxidation, nitration and sulfation. The FluidScan delivers comprehensive water measurement capability in both dissolved and free water of the oil sample, offering a practical replacement to Karl Fischer analysis.

The MiniLab 53 also provides kinematic viscosity measurements at 40 degrees C. The removable viscometer and handheld IR spectrometer enable complete portable oil condition monitoring.

The system measures fluid contamination via the LaserNet Fines particle counter that provides total particle count, size distribution and ISO codes as well as a count of non-metallic particles. Data acquired for wear analysis include a fluid's total ferrous content at parts per million levels as well as particle count and size distribution for large ferrous particles.

In addition, the MiniLab 53 directly images wear particle silhouettes and counts. It classifies to identify types of wear debris, wear modes and potential sources of particles.

"The MiniLab 53 represents the next generation of onsite oil analysis systems for use by industrial facilities," said Spectro Scientific president and CEO Brian Mitchell. "The system provides immediate answers about the health of high-value equipment with real-time analyses at the plant location. This information provided by the MiniLab 53 facilitates maintenance actions that prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs and ensure machinery is running with optimal fluid performance."

The system integrates seamlessly with Emerson's AMS Machinery Health Manager OilView software. A sample is created in OilView and downloaded to the MiniLab 53. Once measurements are made, the data is automatically transferred to the user database where sample and trend reports enable informed preventative maintenance decisions.

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.

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