ELM Releases New Wire Rope Grease, Viscosity Modifiers

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Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing (ELM) recently introduced a new bio-based, aluminum-complex wire rope grease that offers adhesion and resistance to water washout while meeting national and international standards for biodegradability and toxicity.

Derived from ELM's aluminum-complex food-grade greases, which are NSF registered, the new wire rope grease is Vessel General Permit (VGP) compliant and comes in NLGI grades 0 and 1.

"The bio-based content is over 80 percent and meets USDA bio-based, bio-preferred labeling requirements," said Dr. Lou Honary, ELM president.

The grease is available in pails, drums or larger containers.

ELM also introduced a new line of bio-based viscosity modifiers under its OptiBase brand. The highly stable viscosity modifiers are vegetable oil based and impart polarity and improved lubricity.

"These oils are designed to offer the highest level of stability and are primarily based on triglycerides or triglycerides that contain hydroxyl groups," said Brock Krejchi, ELM laboratory operations manager. "They readily mix with many mineral, bio-based and synthetic oils, and are extremely shear-stable."

The oils are manufactured from castor oil or from common oils like high oleic canola, soybean or sunflower oils. They come in four viscosity ranges: 100-200, 300-500, 500-1,000 and 1,500 centistokes (at 40 degrees C).

For more information, visit www.elmusa.com.

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